Created, Written, Produced, Directed and Composed


Tyson Williams


August 4, 2018

7 pm

Doors Open at 6 pm


1700 SW Jewell Ave

Topeka | Kansas


August 5, 2018

3:30 pm

Doors Open at 2:30 pm


1700 SW Jewell Ave

Topeka | Kansas


The beginning of this story starts at the end, and one can only predict how that will turn out. In the climax of their very desperate situation, you'll find yourself in the Anthony's living room, voyeur to what happens next - once the blinds are closed and the curtains are drawn. The Misfits' Revenge is a family drama - a real life no holds barred drama - that tells a story of love and hate, truth and secret, comedy and despair,  forgiveness and yes, REVENGE! 


The ludicrous matriarch, Mama Percy, and her cleverly eccentric sister, Aunt Pebbles, seem to evade every turn in their "Bonnie and Clyde" escapades. The unwavering pursuit of these eighty-year-old outlandish women is to save their family from imminent destruction. There is one small problem: plans don't always unfold the way we'd like. These hilariously witty misfits find themselves in the most undesirable circumstances. Only to reach a brick wall, the Anthony's are left at the mercy of the maniacal, Jacques VanBlaire, and his watchdog maid, Valvilla. You've not seen a dysfunctional family until you've seen blood draw blood. This ride is not for the faint. You might find the headlines of this story on your own front porch.


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